“The Great President” examines the way in which the 45thPresidentof the USA navigated the media in the lead up to2016 election, going in depth to how he perceived both domestically and worldwide and how this will play into his chances in the run up to this year’s presidential election.She hopes that her new book will inspire readers into taking a second look at modern news reporting, capturing the United States politics in simple English to provide the attention and focus during a tumultuous time in politic.From hate baiting and the impact of the mainstream media on US (and global society) to the Democrat’s sabotaging efforts to tear apart the president’s policies, the author has included so much of Trump’s roller coaster three-year story. The author details the devious plots, traps, false accusations, and explores the president’s accomplishments over the past three years, despite the obstructions in fulfilling his campaign promises.Many people feel that the president will be called out on how he tackled the pandemic, which is why the author has included a timeline supporting how President Trump sounded the alarms and put defensive decisive measures in place, despite being called a xenophobe and a racist.Why is the president loved by his supporters?Why are the Democrats hell bent on supporting anarchy and destruction of mainly black communities?This refreshingly different dynamic humorous and insightful book provides the answers and it will keep you compelled from start to finish. COMING SOON – Summer 2021 – THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT.

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