“…as my New Year’s resolution, I want to serve God all my life. I want to be a priest.” “Can a black man be a priest?” asked Jacob his father. “Why not?” asked Shanahan, the Roman Catholic Prefect of the Holy Ghost Fathers at Onitsha in 1910. “Has a black man not got a soul?”

….the obstacles, trials and challenges began for the twelve-year-old native-born in the late 19th century Victorian colony of Nigeria – the defining period when the Anyogu family legacy became embedded in the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum in Rome.

With century-old journals and newspapers put into perspective, this biography reveals a towering figure and one of, if not the most influential personality ever in Nigerian history. And so, I present to you, The BISHOP JOHN CROSS ANYOGU.


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